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      The rival nations differed widely in military and naval strength. England had afloat more than two hundred ships of war, some of them of great force; while the navy of France counted little more than half the number. On the other hand, England had reduced her army to eighteen thousand men, and France had nearly ten times as many under arms. Both alike were weak in 181When this paper came into the hands of the treasurer, it was burned. Nevertheless, owing to the temporary character of the provisional government, it fell for a time to the value of from fourteen to sixteen shillings in the pound.

      [161] Dinwiddie to the Lords of Trade, 24 July, 1754. Ibid. to Delancey, 20 June, 1754.

      [169] Colonial Records of Pa., VI. 215.

      Wolfe, with twelve hundred men, made his way six or seven miles round the harbor, took possession of the battery at Lighthouse Point which the French had abandoned, planted guns and mortars, and opened fire on the Island Battery that guarded the entrance. Other guns were placed at different points along the shore, and soon opened on the French ships. The ships and batteries replied. The artillery fight raged night and day; till on the twenty-fifth the island guns were dismounted and silenced. Wolfe then strengthened his posts, secured his communications, and returned to the main army in front of the town.

      Will soon oblige them to betake to a tree.The King was now exchanged for Crozat and his grinding monopoly. The colonists had carried on a modest trade with the Spaniards at Pensacola in skins, fowls, Indian corn, and a few other articles, bringing back a little money in return. This, their only source of profit, was now cut off; they could sell nothing, even to one another. They were forbidden to hold meetings without permission; but some of them secretly drew up a petition to La Mothe-Cadillac, who was still the official chief of the colony, begging that the agents of Crozat should be restricted to wholesale dealings, and that the inhabitants might be allowed to trade at retail. Cadillac denounced the petition as seditious, threatened to hang the bearer of it, and deigned no other answer.

      attention, and he reports that they impair their fertility

      [Pg 226]Governor. They must obey him.The Jesuits and the Iroquois.Mission Villages.Michillimackinac. Father Carheil.Temperance.Brandy and the Indians.Strong Measures.Disputes.License and Prohibition.Views of the King.Trade and the Jesuits.


      ** See the deliberations and acts to this end in Edits etAnother Blow ? The War-song ? The Army at Ticonderoga ? Indian Allies ? The War-feast ? Treatment of Prisoners ? Cannibalism ? Surprise and Slaughter ? The War Council ? March of Lvis ? The Army embarks ? Fort William Henry ? Nocturnal Scene ? Indian Funeral ? Advance upon the Fort ? General Webb ? His Difficulties ? His Weakness ? The Siege begun ? Conduct of the Indians ? The Intercepted Letter ? Desperate Position of the Besieged ? Capitulation ? Ferocity of the Indians ? Mission of Bougainville ? Murder of Wounded Men ? A Scene of Terror ? The Massacre ? Efforts of Montcalm ? The Fort burned.


      followed immediately after, had similar instructions.V1 Duke of Cumberland's own heart, was appointed to the chief command. The two regimentsthe forty-fourth and the forty-eighthembarked at Cork in the middle of January. The soldiers detested the service, and many had deserted. More would have done so had they foreseen what awaited them.


      [329] "Te voil, grand Bacha, te voil!"Joutel, Journal Historique, 203.